4.172 fopal, writing, tech

Monday 05/22/2023

Took the standard walk. Felt kind of tired toward the end.

Wrote some actual text on the novel. Cute dialog. I was pleased.

Went down to FOPAL and processed half a dozen boxes of books. Picked up coffee and bread, and discovered that cherries have arrived in the store so I bought a bag, and am having them for supper.

I was surprised to get an email from Paul of IT saying, the two microphones you requested for the lecternette have arrived, come get them. I had no idea they were actually going to do that. I had already bought a cheap pair of wireless mics. Well, they had bought a pair of cheap wireless mics.

That’s actually good, because there are two of the little portable sound systems. Now they each have new wireless mic setups. I took them both to the 11th floor and tested them. I had already planned to demo the one new set to the AV group on Friday, now I will demo two. I need to make some instruction sheets, though. I will do that tomorrow.

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