4.156 fopal, tech, brain fart

Saturday 05/06/2023

Basically a clear day, while next week is the pre-sale week at FOPAL, so I thought I’d get ahead. I spent a couple of hours down there generally tidying up my section.

Back at CH I took a tech squad call to help Walt. He has a new Macbook Air that he said, wasn’t connected to the internet. Actually it was, but I think it maybe had been using his cell phone as a hot spot. I got it to connect to the house wi-fi and made sure he could read his email.

That was about it. After supper I got involved in writing something for the writers group and next thing I knew, it was 8pm and I had failed to attend Spongebob the Musical at Palo Alto Players. Damn! And I really kind of wanted to see that, too. Plus, in the morning I had reviewed by calendar and made a note of the fact that I had a play this evening.

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