4.155 video, dinner

Friday 05/05/2023

Went for the standard walk this morning, all good. Then sat down at the desktop Mac to work on videos.

The first job was to convert the recording I had made of the Peninsulaire Pirates. Very little editing to do on that. All I had to do was convert it to a more compact form than the 57 gigabyte file that QuickTime had created for a one-hour recording.

Then I realized there were a dozen musical numbers in it, and that it should have chapter markers in it so you could jump to the start of any song. So that is done with another app, and scrubbing through the video to find the starting point of each number. I had allocated 90 minutes to do this and it was more like 3 hours before I finished and put it in my Dropbox and sent the link to the Peninsulaire guys.

I also sent it to Lenny for her to post it to our Vimeo account. Shortly after got an email from the Peninsulaire guy saying, remember, we don’t have ASCAP rights to all those songs we cover, so do not make that video public. Oops, call Lenny, don’t put it on Vimeo.

Meanwhile I had a second video to set up, the Zoom recording of a lecture from Wednesday night. This was techncally more complicated. I have two complete hour-long streams, one of the speaker and one of his slides, and I merge them so the video is mostly the speaker but cuts to each slide as he puts it up. Got that done in a couple of hours and off to Lenny.

At 5:30 I joined Patty and Joanne and go out for dinner, again to Indochine Thai, where they hadn”t been. Nice supper gossiping about CH stuff and people.

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