4.152 meeting, av

Tuesday 05/02/2023

Did the gym machines. Then collected the new microphone setup from the downstairs audio cart and installed it on the 11th floor audio cart. Finished processing the video of Mickie’s book talk and started it on the lengthy video output phase.

Then it was time for the writers meeting. The cue was “nostalgic moment” and I thought of several but checking my folder of old submissions to the group all the good nostalgia was already covered with things I had written for them back in 2020 and 21. So I didn’t write anything for like the 4th week in a row.

After lunch I went to the 11th floor to set up for an event. This was a presentation by a realtor, Nancy Goldcamp, who has handled many Palo Alto sales including a number of CH residents. Followed by a presentation by I guy whose name I forget, about mitigating the tax consequences of selling a Palo Alto house by various kinds of trusts and bequests.

The audience was about 35 people who are thinking about moving to CH, or are on the wait list to do so. Plus another 5 or 10 current residents who haven’t sold their houses yet.

Both presenters had laptops and wanted to put presentations on the screen of the big rolling TV. Plus needing sound amplification. The former was not hard to do. The latter shouldn’t have been hard, but I am sorry to say that the new microphones didn’t work out well. One of them started cutting out, just dropping out for a second or two. I had the speaker swap to the other one. Toward the end, that one also started cutting out. Very discouraging. I am going to have to return that set to Amazon, a major PITA.

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