4.151 event, fopal

Monday 05/01/2023

The morning was busy with A/V stuff. First, the people doing a public sing-along, which is a thing we do in the lobby from time to time, requested not the usual two, but three microphones. Which meant moving some microphones from the 11th floor to the lobby. I had that done before 9am.

At 10 it was time to set up for the 11am First Monday Book Talk. This month’s victim, um, speaker, was Mickie, who some years ago was a city council person and mayor of Menlo Park, among other interesting career excursions. Here’s her book. This was a non-zoom event, but I made a video recording of it. And trained Ian, hopefully he will be able to do the next one.

After lunch, off to FOPAL to process a bunch of books. Back home for a nap and then it was time for early supper. Early because this was the day for the monthly mixer dinner. You draw a table number from a jar on the way into the dining room so people sit in different combinations than usual.

Later it was time for the sing-along. They are working their way through 50 or so songs from the 1950s. I got frustrated because my voice just won’t work right for singing any more, so I left early.

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