4.147 Shustek, concert

Thursday 04/27/2023

Spent the day at the Shustek center, once again sorting through and storing the papers of Sandy Fraser. Here’s my luxurious work space.

That’s box number 19 (of 42) that’s open. I take out the next folder. Copy its label, if it has one, onto the top edge of an archival-quality folder. If it isn’t labeled, look at the contents and try to figure out what they are, and write something on the edge of the folder. Transfer the contents into the new folder and stack in the archival box. That’s new box #15 being filled. It really isn’t boring, it’s kind of fun figuring out what Sandy was up to in 1985 or whenever. He was trying to steer AT&T into the world of the Internet when the Internet was new. Attending conferences and giving talks and publishing papers in the IEEE Communications and so on.

In the evening I worked the AV desk for a concert. This was “Steve Gill and friends.” Steve has performed here a number times. The “friends” are a buddy that plays guitar and a younger woman who sings. (Sings very well, actually.) Tonight they were doing the songs of Johnny Mercer. “I remember you” and “One more for my baby” and so on.

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