4.146 car, model, museum

Wednesday 04/26/2023

Took the standard walk. On return, I took the car out to Ducky’s Car Wash to get it looking nice for the excursion planned for Saturday. Gonna have 3 women in the car, it has to be clean, right?

After lunch I shot pictures of the completed Sting Ray. I’ll drop a couple in here. Then I started collecting pictures for the next set of exhibits in my hallway gallery. This is going to be pictures of flowers, because why be unconventional when you can be boring, right? Anyway some flower pics from various trips. Over the years I have, with some level of consistency, put keywords on the images that I saved.

I used to do this with Adobe Bridge, a very nice DAM (“digital asset manager”, fancy term for “app to keep track of a bazillion images”). Then Adobe, curse their money-grubbing souls, killed that product. No problem, the app still ran — until MacOS moved up to 64-bit binaries and won’t run 32-bit ones. So Adobe Bridge can’t be run on a modern OS and Adobe won’t upgrade it. And the current equivalent in the Adobe line is only obtained with an annual subscription because Adobe, may their bits all rot, don’t sell software any more, they only rent it.

OK, breathe. In… Out… There now. We don’t need Adobe any more, remember? We have Affinity Photo for image editing, and we have ACDSee for managing the collection. So I brought up ACDSee and told it “find all images with the keyword ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’ please” and it did. Scrolled through a couple hundred candidates and picked 20 that really stood out.

Tonight I’m going to an event at the Computer Museum, the 50th anniversary of the Alto, the first computer with a graphical interface. I’ll write that up tomorrow maybe.

Yeah, the hood doesn’t want to sit down.

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