4.141 outing, party

Friday 04/21/2023

I had to kill time until 10am so I cleaned up the desk, putting away all my model-making crap in the closet, then I got out the spray cleaner and the Lemon Pledge and made it all nice again.

I have a plastic display case coming for the Corvette.

The big event today was to go for a drive with some neighbors. Neighbor Phil had an out of town visitor, an old buddy named Ken, and he wanted to take him for lunch at a favorite seafood place, Barbara’s Fish Trap in Princeton-by-the-Sea, over by Half Moon Bay. But Phil gave up his car some time ago. He’d asked Patty to drive them but she didn’t want to and asked me to do it. So, Phil and Ken and Patty and I went off in the Prius.

We drove up Page Mill and down Alpine Road and Pescadero Road, and then up the coast on 1. The lunch was fine. We came back by 92, and Cañada road. There, just because, we stopped at the Pulgas Water Temple.

After we returned there was just time for a nap and then it was time to help out with the 6th floor TGIF. As I’ve mentioned each month a different floor hosts a TGIF party and this was our turn. It came off very nicely. Lots of people crowded into the 11th floor penthouse drinking wine and eating snacks and talking. I was supposed to be a host and circulate, which I did, and completely forgot to take a picture.

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