4.140 docent, meeting

Thursday 04/20/2023

At 10 this morning I was to lead a private tour. The group was, from the volunteer job website, “14 students from the University of Georgia Black Business Student Association & CHM donor Greg Gretsch.” They were mostly college soph and junior levels, and various majors, not all business, as their leader Greg told me. Greg also told me that this was the second year he had brought such a group, and said “Last year the docent they gave us, I forget his name, was fan-tastic.”

Way to set the expectation level, Greg. I don’t know if I was fan-tastic but I don’t think I bored anybody.

Then I didn’t have much to do until 4pm when I had scheduled the monthly A/V team meeting. Which went off smoothly.

Oh, yeah, finished the Corvette model. I will take some pictures tomorrow, I don’t want to disturb it until the glue under the door handles has hardened. No, not tomorrow; tomorrow gonna be killer busy. Saturday.

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