4.138 meeting, tech, model

Tuesday 04/18/2023

Did the gym machine round. Had the writers meeting. I didn’t contribute anything.

At 1pm I met with Derek Loh, son of my late neighbor Lily Loh, about A/V for his mother’s memorial this coming Saturday. It turned out, to my relief, that they don’t want to do a Zoom meeting after all. He wants to put a slide show up on the big screen from his laptop. We practiced that, it is a very simple process. And they need a couple of mics so people can reminisce about Lily. He plans to record the proceedings on a GoPro camera of his own.

I treated myself to supper out at a local restaurant: Red Curry Duck at Indochine, one of my favorite dishes. Naturally one order is enough for two so I brought home enough for another meal.

Before and after supper I put some finishing bits on the stingray. All that is left to do is to install the windshield wipers and the door handles, and give it a final polish.

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