4.137 productive day


About 3:30pm when I was coming back in from the garage, just back from FOPAL, I was thinking what a productive day I had. I skipped the morning walk because my tax returns were back from the accountant. I went through a whole process to download the forms from their secure site, and I e-signed the form so they could e-file for me. I printed out the four estimated tax vouchers (only 4, not 8, because I don’t have to pay an estimated tax to the state this year). Then I made up four stamped and addressed envelopes and tagged them with the dates when they should be sent and filed them, except of course for the first one which is due tomorrow, only it isn’t really due because I’m in one of the counties that had storm damage so I don’t have to send them until October, but I did anyway, mailing the April payment on my way down to…

The 10am Event Coordinators meeting, where everybody who sponsors events meets to finalize the calendar for the next month. That took an hour. From there I updated the Google spreadsheet of A/V events that is shared by everyone on my committee, to show all the May events. And looked at my calendar and oops, Friday this week is completely borked, so I can’t have the usual AV committee meeting on Friday. So I sent out email to the faithful committee saying, the spreadsheet is up, and can we meet on Thursday instead?

Then off to FOPAL to finish processing that huge donation of computer books that I started working on last Saturday. That took two hours, so I was back, feeling very productive, at 3:30 like I said. Laid around like a potato the rest of the day, pretty much.

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