4.135 work, work, sog

Saturday 04/15/2023

Yesterday Frank, fellow volunteer at FOPAL, sent a picture of a large pile of boxes in front of my section. Some donor had unloaded a career’s worth of computer books.

So today I went down there and spent 2:30 processing about 2/3 of the stack. My usual Monday shot will finish it up. Out of a couple hundred books, at least 20 were “high value”, more than $25 used on Amazon, so that was nice.

Back home, I was to provide A/V support for a memorial get-together on the 11th floor. This was easy for me; all they wanted was the big TV so they could hook up a laptop and loop a slide show of old pictures. I had it all set for them and it went off fine. Back up to 11 at 4:30 to shut the TV down.

Worked a little on the Stingray. Fiddly finishing pieces on the outside. I’ve been looking at a really complicated kit, a 1/12 scale Bugatti, but not going to get that right now. Finish the ‘Vette and enjoy and empty desk top for a while first.

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