4.134 docent, concert

Friday 04/14/2023

Took a walk in the morning. At 1pm I left for the museum where I was to lead the 2pm tour. At first I thought this was going to be the usual weekday tour, maybe 10 people. I was chatting with 4-5 people by the entrance to the exhibit area when at 1:59 pm, a huge group, maybe 20 people, suddenly assembled from the far edges of the lobby, and I had a tour group of 30 or more. That was a surprise.

But I did a good job, one of my better tours ever I think. Most of them stuck with me, so there was still 25 or so at the last stop, and a nice round of applause.

Home for a quick nap. Then I had a ticket for a concert at Stanford at 7:30, so I went over there early at 6pm, and had supper from the food court in the student union.

The concert was the an early start to the summer Jazz Workshop, with a big band of high school musicians. Although the kids were excellent musicians, I didn’t care for the selection of numbers. There’s a lot of branches of jazz that I really don’t care for. I can kind of get it, follow the notes and chord sequences, but they don’t pull together into anything I want to hear. So I left at intermission.

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