4.120 chat, fopal, party

Friday 03/31/2023

Started with walk. Cut it short just because. A wave of fuckitall I guess.

At 10 by arrangement I met in the lounge with Dr. Margaret. She means to take the same Road Scholar tour of the Greek Islands that I took back in 2019. She plans to leave three days early and wants to plan the extra days in Athens. She had seen a New York Times column where somebody used ChatGPT to plan a trip, and wanted to try it.

So I showed her the very easy sign-up and she started asking the bot about Athens and, like everyone who tries it for the first time, was amazed and delighted at what it comes up with.

After lunch I went down to FOPAL. I had used their sign-up scheduler to sign up for a sorting slot from 1-3. I and another volunteer, Andrea, were extremely productive. In two hours, with a few minutes help from a third volunteer, cleared 24 boxes of books.

In my daily calendar I had noted that I needed to be in the lobby at 6:15 to set up a microphone for the TGIF party, sponsored this month by the 8th floor. And of course I totally forgot, didn’t remember until 6:45. Fortunately Bert was there early and did the microphone thing. Actually they weren’t using the mic anyway, at least not for the parts I saw. I would worry that I’m losing my mental grip, except that’s pretty much the kind of forgetting I’ve always been prone to. One of the big advantages of being married is, you have somebody to remind you of shit.

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