4.119 docent

Thursday 03/30/2023

Nothing much today. My only real activity was a docent tour at 2pm. I’d volunteered for this particular one because Jesse, who dispatches volunteer docents, asked for someone to please take Thursday 2pm. A group of 15 Japanese high school kids didn’t want a custom tour but hoped to join the regular tour.

The kids were mannerly but I think I bored them; most of them peeled off about 2/3 of the way through. So I started with over 20 people, 15 students and a handful of regular visitors, and I finished with about 10 people, mostly regular visitors.

The museum is finally starting the training series to create some new docents! First time since, oh, 2017 or so when I took the training. And the docent class was taking a walk through the exhibit area just ahead of my tour. And one member of that group is: my friend Scott! Hi, Scott!

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