4.105 shustek

Thursday 03/16/2023

Tidied the apartment for Wanda to clean. Then headed out to the Shustek center for a day of artifact work. Except it wasn’t artifacts today. They have received a 47-box donation of the papers of Alexander “Sandy” Fraser, a noted computer scientist. Doctorate from Cambridge, worked on early computer software at the British firms ICL and Ferranti. In 1969 he moved to the USA, to Bell Labs, and continued in various positions at AT&T until he retired in 2000 as AT&T Chief Scientist. Author of many many papers and recipient of many prestigious awards.

So my work today was to make a start at getting these papers out of the boxes that the donor (his wife and son) had packed them in, and get them into archival folders in archival boxes with proper labels. It was fun, not a very demanding job but satisfying. Got through the first 10 or so boxes. Probably I will see those boxes off and on for weeks.

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