4.104 hair, fopal, meetings, talk

Wednesday 03/15/2023

First thing today was a haircut. Eight weeks since the last one, just about the right duration. Then, to fill the morning, I went down to FOPAL intending to sort books, but there were three boxes of computer books already, so I processed them.

At 1pm it was time for the monthly zoom meeting of FOPAL volunteers. The sale last weekend was very well attended and brought in $18,000, back to pre-pandemic levels.

I have decided that the next set of pictures I will put in my hallway gallery will be basketball action shots. From 2000 to about 2015 I took a lot of such pictures. So I started going through the digital files looking for ones worth printing. That took me up to 4pm when there was a zoom meeting, another one with the people from Pine Park Health. They’ve signed up enough people here that they are sure to have a person here at least half a day per week. This was to introduce the actual NPC (nurse practitioner certified) who would be the regular person. I forget his name but he seemed very personable, 40-something and bearded.

At 7:30 I went down to a lecture on Impressionist painting and gardens, which go together since most of the impressionists liked painting gardens, and the new style of painting came at the same time as a new fashion in flower gardens in France. My question, which I did not ask because the lecture had already run long and it wasn’t really relevant, was — how did the women stand to wear all those clothes?

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