4.090 parking pass, model

Wednesday 03/01/2023

Went for a walk in the morning. The standard walk. It was ok. The creek is running very strong with brown water, after the rain.

Later in the morning I did something nice for my fellow residents. March 1 is when you can order a year’s on-street parking permit from the city of Palo Alto. The website where you do this is an appalling mess of bad UI design, or so I remembered from last year, and yes, it has not improved. The process is very complicated.

Just to start with you have to sign in using your account number. You know, the account number they assigned to you a year ago? You saved that, didn’t you? Well, probably, if you search your email history you can find the receipt email from last year.

Later on in the process you have to upload digital images of your vehicle registration and your photo ID. You have those around, right? And mind you they have to be .jpg files. Not .jpeg, oh no perish the thought. And if they are .png, well, it lets you know with a “server error” diagnostic message.

I got to the end of the process and clicked Cancel, then went back to the start and did it all over, documenting each step. Then I sent an email to CHBB explaining how to do it. Several people thanked me later.

In the afternoon I opened the box of the 67 Corvette Sting Ray. It looks like a very detailed model. It will be a lot of work to do it proper justice.

The red thing is a sprue whose only content is four adorable tiny bullet-shaped tail light lenses. I spent an hour going over the body and every piece that will attach to it (hood, windows, bumpers etc). The point is to make sure everything fits perfectly now. Later, when the body is painted, it is very important that added parts just drop into place with no sanding or scraping or fitting. So I dry-fitted all the bits that go directly on the body.

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