4.089 meeting, taxes, hobby

Tuesday 02/28/2023

Started the day in the gym, doing the round of machines. Took one tech squad call. Then it was time for the writers meeting. The cue “music that affects you” brought out about 12 mini-essays. Mine (see yesterday) was well-received. Also another person recognized the name of my late neighbor Harriet Goldeen.

After lunch I finished up the tax preparation workbook. I think I’ve whined already that in prior years, they had an online interactive workbook, but they are switching to a new system so had to go with a straight 28-page PDF. Well, I fixed that. I printed their workbook (on used paper). I filled it out. (In the end there were only about 8 pages where I had to enter anything.) Then I took it and a thumb drive down to the big Ricoh copier in the office area. That big ol’ copier has a scanner function. You stick in your USB memory stick and put your 28-page document in the input tray and press “go” and flick flick flick it makes a PDF out of your document.

Then I uploaded the filled out workbook PDF back to the preparer’s ShareFile site along with all the other forms, the 1099s and so forth.

Had a nice supper with Caroline and the Thompsons. After, I did a lot of online shopping to find the paint I want for the Sting Ray model and ordered it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll open that box.

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