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Friday 01/27/2023

I was sipping coffee and reading the paper at 6:30 when I glanced out and saw we had an unusual foggy morning.

First up was a walk on a new route. At the writer’s group the other day, people were talking about a coffee shop I’d never heard of, Zoe’s, just across the creek into Menlo Park. So today I walked to that and back, and saw some streets that I’d never seen. It’s not that big a town and I’ve been here for 50+ years, and never got into that part of the Menlo Park-Palo Alto border area.

On return I was fiddling with the computer when Dennis called to say that Laurel’s husband Bill (I guess he would be a nephew-in-law?) had a stroke. From what Dennis said, it didn’t sound like the life-threatening kind, but possibly the kind that messes you up. TBD.

I took care of the first of the Tax Tasks, downloading my IBM 1099-Rs. Then edited the video for the Sock Hop, to account for the latest changes the committee wanted in the song lineup.

At 2pm it was time for the Nom. Com. to meet with our latest hopefully nominee for VP. I went down to the 4th floor and waited in the lounge, but the nominee hadn’t come back from some errand or other and it was getting close to 2:30, which is when I had called the AV committee to meet. So I went back up to the 6th floor lounge. That meeting went well, we got all the February events parceled out.

Then back to 4, and found the Nom. Com. in session with nominee Gloria. Who wasn’t saying yes or no, yet, but we had a pleasant chat. I am hopeful she will accept.

In the course of the conversation, she mentioned she knows a couple who had initially committed to another senior residence, but then decided they preferred Channing House. Except their kids were saying, “Mom, I don’t think you’d be happy there.” Gloria wanted to get the family a tour of CH, but to her surprise our two-person marketing department doesn’t do tours on weekends! Geez, that’s “Sales 101”, you are available when the customer wants you. Anyway, Martha and I said, “we’ll give them a tour”, and I think Gloria might set that up for tomorrow.

Passed the time until 7pm, when I left to join the basketball car-pool. Eight PM game time. Lennie drove. Stanford played Oregon State and on standings it should not have been a close game, but it was. How close? This close.

That was the final score. OSU might have had one last shot but when they inbounded the ball, our point guard got a finger on the ball and tipped it away and time ran out.

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