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Thursday 01/26/2023

Did the gym round. That brought me to 9am, when I called the dentist office. They asked me to text over a picture of the detached crown. Which I did. It’s may more than a crown; it was a rebuild of a root-canal job, with a “post” as they call it.

Called again half an hour later and the nurse said, ok, Dr. Thomas Kono can see you at 1pm. T. Kono, turns out, is the son of my previous regular dentist, Dr. Kono.

Spent half an hour with Dr. Margaret over various tech concerns of hers.

Spent the next two hours refreshing my hallway art gallery, replacing the pictures of food that had been up there for a month, with pictures of sculptures. Some I had printed previously, and I printed a couple new ones.

At 12:30 I walked over to the dentist office and gave them my shiny new IBM health plan card to process. Then met Dr. Kono The Younger, nice young dude. He gave a gloomy prognosis. Some of the old root-canaled stub has broken off in the crown and there isn’t a lot left in the jaw. Although what’s there is in one piece at least. We can cement the crown back on but very likely it will break off again.

I opted to be optimistic and had him put it back. He ground down the top so it doesn’t quite contact with the upper tooth in normal closed jaws. Only contact when there’s something there to chew.

If it comes off again, the options will be to either put a smooth cap on the stub, to keep material from getting caught in it, and go without that tooth. Or, to have the remaining stub extracted and a complete new tooth formed by an implant into the jaw. So that will be a decision down the line.

When I checked with the desk after the procedure they said the insurance checked out, they will submit a claim and let me know what the balance will come to. First real claim against the new policy.

At 2:30pm the Sock Hop committee met. Before it, I went to the auditorium and played the sound track through the system while singing along on a mic. Karaoke. That’s an important element of what they are planning and I could tell them that it works.

At 4pm was the annual Resident-Trustee meeting where they review in excruciating detail the budget for the next fiscal year. We are still losing money but with the end of the upgrade project last year, and an upswing in apartment sales since the pandemic eased, it looks like we might be profitable again in FY 25.

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