4.039 meeting, fopal

Monday 01/09/2023

First thing was the resident association meeting. This takes 90 minutes or so. David G. always runs it. We go through a long agenda of assorted activity reports. Treasurer (I gave that report for 2 years, now it’s Joanne), dining services committee, gift shop results, introducing new residents, etc. All the AV stuff came off correctly, kudos to David G.

A funny thing happened during the meeting. A couple of days ago, Susan H had put a message on CHBB asking, please keep an eye out for the mate to this earring, I lost it somewhere. Today, during the meeting, somebody noticed an earring under a chair toward the back where I was sitting. The lady sitting near me picked it up and put it on the chair next to me. I picked it up and remembered the picture from Susan’s email. Where was she? Oh, right over there. I leaned over her and said, was it you looking for this? She was delighted. It kind of broke the meeting up when she yelled “MY EARRING” right in the middle, but everyone was pleased for her.

Anyway, that over, I went down to FOPAL and found six boxes of computer books, which I processed, and then tidied up the shelves all nice for the upcoming sale weekend. In going through donated books and pricing them, the rule is if they are on Amazon at over $20, they are set aside for the “high value” group of volunteers. Usually I find 2 or 3. Today there were seven, including one on Amazon at $44 and one at $73. That’s always fun.

That was about it for the day. It was a dry, cloudy day but the forecast is for rain tonight and thunderstorms tomorrow morning. So we are back on emergency alert, because of possible power outages.

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