4.038 walk, swbb

Sunday 01/08/2022

Did my usual Sunday morning stuff, watering the plants, doing the big NYT puzzle. Then the trackpad on the desktop machine said its batteries were low, and I discovered I was out of AA batteries. Why didn’t I find that out yesterday, when I walked to Ace Hardware?

No matter. I decided to walk to Midtown, buy batteries, have a coffee. Which I did, and walked back as well. 3.3 miles for the day. That’s good because there is a resident association meeting tomorrow at 9, so no Monday walk.

While walking I worked out something I think I want to say during the marketing presentation coming up on the 11th. I’ll be part of a panel of residents supposed to tell about our lives at CH, for the benefit of an audience of people interested, or at least curious, about moving to CH.

Puttered around until 4, when I went up to the 11th floor to watch the Stanford women play at Cal. Years past, we would have attended that game in person. This year it didn’t even occur to me until yesterday. Anyway, the Cal women had figured out a good defense and held Stanford to their lowest score of the year so far, 60. But they still managed to win, 60-56.

Dinner with Jerry and Betty and Patty.

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