3.320 flu shot

Friday 10/28/2022

I started out for my walk this morning but felt very low. A severe case of the fuckitalls. I’ve been feeling this for a while. I cut my walk short and just hung out in the room.

Today was the CH flu clinic day. I got my flu jab at lunchtime.

In the afternoon I spent a while trying to work out a way to handle access to the three zoom rooms that staff have set up. Theoretically you can send an email to one of them with a standard Zoom invitation. The zoom room pc will theoretically note that and reserve itself for that meeting.

This works fine for Gerald, the IT staff guy. It doesn’t work for me or the other guy who’s tried it. Gerald suggested we install the Zoom add-on to Gmail, but that requires binding one person’s Google ID or Gmail address to that particular zoom account.

It occurred to me that when I set up the house zoom account I had to supply an email, and rather than permanently linking it to my personal email, I got a free email from Outlook.com. So I should be able (per the zoom documentation) to attach the Zoom Outlook Add-in to that email account. Then we could log in to Outlook and send invitations the same way Gerald does. But two hours of fiddling couldn’t get it to work. I suspect it is because the email account is a free one, not one linked to a subscription to Microsoft Office. But the damned software doesn’t tell you that; it just says “Installation failed” but not why.

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