3.319 tech, health plan, fopal, talk

Thursday 10/27/2022

Did the gym round in the AM. Went out to Safeway for a few items. At 11 it was time to go up to the 11th floor to meet IT staffer Gerald and Bert to talk about doing Zoom Room on the 11th floor. Unfortunately the big roll-around TV has been damaged. This is a large (75-inch?) screen on a rolling stand, to which the IT staff have added the “zoom room” equipment including mics, camera, and a PC. Alas someone recently rolled the upper corner of the TV into something solid, damaging the screen. It was kind of working, with a big black spot in the upper left corner and pretty colored lines going down from it, until I walked up and touched the black spot area. Then the whole screen went black. Ooops. They have ordered a new screen which is supposed to be here Monday.

Next I spent some time going over the info book on the new IBM health plan. It seems a pretty decent plan. However I have not yet received the promised ID card that I need to log on to their system, and to give to providers.

With Wanda coming to clean at 2, I headed out down to FOPAL and put in a couple of hours sorting.

In the evening was a presentation on Diego Rivera by neighbor Harry. David M. was doing the AV for quite a complex presentation, not only slides but videos. And although he protested that he had run the videos “a hundred times”, when it came time to show them, they first didn’t have sound, then too much sound, and generally the presentation was hashed pretty badly by my best AV guy. I felt awful for him. But I don’t have any suggestions, I don’t know what he was doing wrong.

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