3.317 tech, panic, meeting

Tuesday 10/25/2022

Did the gym round at 7:30. I had scheduled the auditorium at 9 for a practice session with the new Zoom Room setup. Before I went down, I got a note from Susan asking if I could help her get audio for a group, out of her iPhone. Sure, I thought. Just hook her iPhone to the little boombox speaker I used to present very impressive organ music at the “wedding” last Friday. That speaker is stowed away in the Green Room, a small room backstage of the auditorium. And I have a key, which is… where is it?

After I finished my practice session, which went very well, the new setup is much easier to use that what we’ve been doing for “hybrid” zoom events, I went back to my room to look for the green room key. I knew it had been in my left hip pocket on Monday, because when I was at FOPAL Monday, I had stuffed a couple other items into that pocket and noticed it.

It wasn’t there now, nor anywhere around. I searched the apartment. It’s about 9:45 now and I have the writers meeting at 10:45. I go down to the garage and carefully search the car. My best guess is the key fell out into the front seat, but nope. Digging around in and under the seat with a flashlight finds nothing but bits of lost food.

OK, maybe at FOPAL. I drive down to there, the Cubberly community center, and search the areas I was working in yesterday, and check everywhere that a found key might be posted. Nope. Back to CH. As I come up from the basement, I think, maybe I dropped it here, I think I will check the front desk. As I was describing it (three keys on a ring with a purple plastic tag) the front desk person said, “Oh yeah, that’s right here,” and picked it up off the desk in front of her.

The writers group topic of the week was, sins of your childhood, and several people had very amusing stories about being caught shoplifting candy, etc. I had nothing, but while listening I realized there was a period of near-criminality I could have written about. Maybe I will come in with that next week.

At 4pm the AV group met and portioned out the events for the next month. They are a good group. I was able to give them a report on the Zoom Room and specifically advise on how they should also practice with it.

Had dinner with Dr. Margaret and a couple of others. Yesterday evening, dining with Patty and the Allens, I had asked, what’s a good city to go and be a tourist in for a week or two? Diane immediately said, “Vienna”, which she thought was a wonderful place to spend time. Tonight, same question, Dr. Margaret immediately said “Montreal”. That’s where she went to med. school, I know. Joy said, “Seattle” which I immediately dismissed.

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