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Monday 10/24/2022

Took the standard walk. Stopping at CVS on the way back to pick up a prescription. As usual CVS had texted me that my prescription SPI (spironolactone) was ready for renewal.

34 remaining from the refill dispensed on 7/23/22

The prescription is for 90 tablets, a 90-day supply. CVS auto-refill occurs while there are still 34 pills in the previous bottle. OK, the prior bottle was filled on 7/23/22 (middle of the white label). Plus 90 days brings us about to 10/23, which would be now. But how come I have 34 tablets remaining? I have not skipped that many doses (not skipped any, as a matter of fact). So presumably I had 30-odd tablets already in hand on 7/23. At some point they got ahead by a month, but I don’t know when. (Paranoid much?)

Spent some time transcribing upcoming November events from the event committee’s draft calendar, into my A/V event spreadsheet. And began a trial experiment with the new “zoom room” facility staff has installed in the auditorium. According to what Gerald (IT staff) told us we should be able to send a normal Zoom invitation to a scheduled meeting, to a special email address, and it would automatically appear in the zoom room special control iPad. I created a meeting, sent the email.

Then off to FOPAL to process four boxes of books. And back for a lazy afternoon. At 3:30 I went down to the Auditorium and found Gerald setting up for Rhonda’s Open Meeting at 4. Had him check: no, the zoom room didn’t know about the meeting I invited it to. He found my email (the special email account is one he controls) and verified it had all the usual Zoom invitation stuff, but it hadn’t been recognized. I went upstairs and sent it again, this time with an Outlook Calendar Item (something.isc) attached.

Rhonda’s meeting was ok, she went over all the hot items from the Food & Dining resident survey, and what the Dining staff plan to do to address things. Hire more staff, is one. Fix the broken dish warmer is another.

After the meeting I checked with Gerald again. The magic address had received my second email but it still hadn’t recognized it for automatic booking. He put it in manually so I can experiment tomorrow.

Sent an email to the AV team reminding them of our meeting tomorrow afternoon.

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