3.296 fopal, meeting, movie, medical

Tuesday 10/04/2022

First thing after the gym and breakfast I headed down to FOPAL to complete processing donations and clean up my computer section. I did that, and took a pre-sale book count, and was back in my room by 10:40 just in time for the writers meeting. Not a great meeting. I had nothing to contribute and there weren’t a lot of good things from others.

At 1pm I met with Kass in the auditorium to show Amadeus. I mentored her in showing a movie using the blu-ray that is built into our equipment. As soon as the movie was started, I had to scoot out to my car and off to PAMF for a 1:45 appointment. This was a routine dermatology checkup. The nice doctor squirted cold stuff on a couple of pre-cancerous blips and that was that. Back to the movie.

The DVD ended and went back to its main menu at the 1:30 point, when it was clearly not over. Confusion. It appears that this long movie is a 2-disk set and we had been given only one disk. Sorry everybody, that’s all we have.

Later Pam, who had scheduled the whole thing, reported that, duh all you have to do is turn the DVD over, it is double-sided. We didn’t know that.

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