3.295 back to work

Monday 10/03/2022

Back to the daily grind of retirement. Went for a walk. Paid a bill. Watered the plants. Went down to FOPAL where I found 11(!) boxes of books waiting. Processed 7 of them.

Back home in time to join the “mixer” dinner. First Monday of each month, the mixer committee sets aside about 8 tables in the dining room. They have little laminated table number tags in a bowl. When the dining room opens at 5pm, you can go in and if you like, take a random tag, and go find that table, and have dinner with “new friends”. Well everybody at the table I picked knew each other quite well, but it was a nice meal.

At 7 I went to the auditorium to help Kass with the AV for a candidate night she was running. Fortunately Rich also had showed up and was already setting up the mics, so I didn’t have to do anything but listen to two earnest city council candidates.

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