3.282 meeting, shot, concert

Tuesday 09/20/2022

Went down to the gym for some exercise in the morning. Attended only part of the writers meeting at 10:30, because I was called to go down to the Auditorium for my Covid booster. I am now bi-valently protected.

There wasn’t much to do, yet I felt very busy, mostly trying to work with various people scheduling future A/V event coverage. I really dislike this stuff. Although it does keep me in touch with my neighbors. But I look forward to the day I can shed the job.

Actually I felt kind of depressed in general all day. Well. Whatever. At 4pm there was a piano concert, a father-son duo, playing on the two grand pianos in our lobby. They play pretty abstract jazz forms, kind of like Hiromi last week but not IMO as interesting. Afterward I didn’t feel like eating in the dining room. So I got in the car and drove down to Mike’s in midtown. I had a really delicious pasta dish and a beer.

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