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Monday 09/19/2022

Went for the standard walk. Got back just in time for the start of the Event Coordinators meeting. I learned about the events planned for October and put them in the AV spreadsheet.

Then I made a sandwich for myself and ate it, and headed down to FOPAL to process what turned out to be 5 boxes of books, mostly very old and not interesting stuff.

Back in time for Rhonda’s open meeting at 4pm. Got some supper in the dining room and then met with Kass at 6:30 to provide sound support for a candidate night. Residents are allowed to bring in candidates for office for informational meetings. This was Patty’s event, her candidate is Vicky Veenker, candidate for City Council. Smart, well-spoken. Kass is now broken in as an AV tech for at least the simple meetings, where you need just microphones, no projection or zoom.

Back to my room at 8:30, filled the hummingbird feeders for the third time today, and going to bed.

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