3.272 make and mend

Saturday 09/10/2022

Did stuff around the house today. Went to Safeway and bought stuff for my pantry and fridge. Speaking of the fridge, I cleaned it. It was grungy. I like to clean the inside of my fridge every three years, whether it needs it or not. In this case, it did.

Kent, a neighbor, got me to come help fighting the Stanford athletics website. Stanford has gone to all “mobile” tickets, which is a major stumbling block for a lot of my neighbors. It’s easy, just open the email on your phone, tap the link to transfer to your Apple or Google Wallet app… my what, now? Plus he had password problems with a couple of websites. So that was an hour killed.

There has been a massive up-tick in the number of hummingbirds. I have a swarm of a dozen or more around the feeders at certain hours. And I have to refill twice a day, where it was just once a day only a week ago.

In the afternoon I printed the tiny (just over 1/2 inch wide) license plate and glued the last bits onto the Studebaker. Tomorrow I’ll shoot some pictures and then clear off my desk and enjoy an empty desk again for a while. Probably a long while.

On the other hand, I’ve got two shelves of closet space devoted to model making tools and materials. So you never know.

It was in my calendar that I was going to a play at the Bus Barn tonight. So at 6:30 I jumped up and said, gotta go, get the ticket, time to leave. Got the ticket and it said “Saturday 9/17”. Oh. Wrong calendar entry. So the evening is open. Guess I’ll watch some TV.

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