3.271 activity showcase, hiromi again

Friday 09/09/2022

I went for the walk this morning, for the first time in a week or more. My right ankle is completely back to normal. It probably was gout, since I get a very occasional flare-up of that in my big toe. However the ankle wasn’t hot or red or swollen, just painful. And as I said it mostly went away the next day, with maybe a lingering ache for another day. But now just fine again.

I glued the body of the Studebaker to the chassis and attached most of the chrome brightwork, except for the rear bumper. To finish that I need to make up a license plate, and I got sidetracked on that, and having problems with my graphics software. I want to make a Washington State custom license “53STOOD” (stoo-dee, get it?). That’s gonna take a little time tomorrow.

At noon by appointment I had lunch with Sherry. At the writers meeting Tuesday it turned out that we have the same cardiologist and that she needs a new aortic valve (stenosis). So I gave her all my experience with the recent TAVR.

At 3pm we had the Activity Showcase, a display of all the volunteer organizations and committees, and there are a shit-ton of them. It was a fun event even though the A/V team got only one rather feeble expression of interest, from Gloria, who’s a sharp cookie although not hugely computer literate. Still she could do the simpler events with training.

At 7:30, SFJazz streamed tonight’s solo concert by Hiromi. I was so pumped about the one last night, that I put it out on the bulletin board that I would put the stream on the 11th floor TV. Which I did, and it was going just perfectly for about 5 minutes, and then the TV started going black as if it lost the HDMI connection, and coming back after a few seconds. How bloody annoying. I, and Jerry, and David M, two of the best tech minds here, plus me, struggled with it for 10 minutes, during which half the audience of 7 or 8 left. Finally when we gave up and just hooked it up like it was to start with, it started working fine. So four of us enjoyed the rest of the concert.

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