3.262 hobby day

Wednesday 08/31/2022

Went for a standard walk. Then faced a day with nothing at all on the calendar. Well, I had a verbal date with Grace to help her move some pictures on her iPhone, but I had forgotten to put that on my calendar. But she called me to remind me. Other than that, I did some reading, worked on the Studebaker, and worked a bit on my hobby software project. But that hit a serious snag. Back in 2015 I had used a spell-checker called hunspell. It was a lot of trouble to get hunspell packages for MacOS, Windows, and Linux (the app ran on all three). Now I tried to install the hunspell package and it definitely doesn’t work on MacOS. I do not feel like diving into compiling open-source software; I remember the hours of fiddling I wasted on it back then. So I put the project back in the metaphorical box and gave up. Now thinking about it, I might investigate other spell checkers?

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