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Monday 08/29/2022

I had a date with Dave T. to get him to the Apple store to exchange his too-small iMac for one with a bigger drive. He’s quite limited in his ability to walk, although mentally clear and funny. So I brought the car around to the front and he got in, I put his walker and the old computer in its box in the back, and we drove around onto University and were able to park almost in front of the Apple store. They actually had a suitable iMac in stock which was a pleasant surprise, as he had to wait 3 weeks for delivery of the first one. We were in and out in 20 minutes, very nice service.

Back at his place I went through the process of installing the new one, a repeat of Saturday, and once it was started copying the old backup files, I left. I had lunch and then zipped down to FOPAL and spent 2:30 processing 8 boxes of books. Back at CH, about 4pm I was back to Dave T’s place where his new machine was almost ready to go. Just the usual fussing with re-entering your iCloud and Gmail passwords, which thank goodness Dave T. had written down. And it was all set.

Earlier Bert, the tech squad leader, had taken me aside and lectured me on how I really shouldn’t help people install new equipment, but should rather send them to an outside contractor. OK, point taken, I will try to avoid such entanglements in future.

Yesterday I put a few coats of clear on the body of the Studebaker. Tonight I sanded it with 2400 grit to take off some of the nibs and orange peel. Tomorrow I will give it one more coat of clear and that is going to be it for the body. Still have parts of the chassis to paint and assemble.

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