3.259 blah sunday

Sunday 08/28/2022

After breakfast and watering plants and doing the puzzle, I went off on a little quest. The other day I had a sudden nostalgic urge to see a cricket game. Quick check of the Map app in the phone, and by golly there are several cricket clubs in the area. However most of them either didn’t have websites, or the sites had not been updated for a year or more. Small-time volunteer outfits clearly. The only site that showed a bit of current maintenance was for the Santa Clara CC according to which they were playing a game today.

Well, I found them and they were actually playing.

In the middle is an actual game in progress. On the left under the trees, a few folding chairs for the members of the team that’s in (batting) to sit while waiting their turns to bat. That was it. Absolutely no provision for spectators. No sign of girlfriends or families or any kind of non-players. And no visible scoreboard, without which a watcher has no idea of the state of play. Imagine walking into a baseball game in progress with no scoreboard. Who’s up, what’s the score, what’s the count? No idea.

So I didn’t stay around. I drove back to California Ave and walked every bit of both sides of the market. This has become a really thriving, fun, crowded market scene, way better than the Downtown one near Channing House. I was part of about 5% wearing masks.

Later I put some time in on the Studebaker. I want to get that done and then I think that will probably be the last model car, at least for a good while. I kind of have to force myself to get on with it.

And that was the day, pretty much.

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