3.257 easy day

Friday 08/26/2022

Went for the standard walk. Little tired by the end.

Then to the car and off to mail a fat envelope of copied documents to the fiduciary guy. Drove over to California avenue to the post office there, because then I could walk up and down the ave and have a light lunch somewhere interesting, except I ended up at Starbucks anyway, whatever.

In the afternoon I worked on the Studebaker a little bit, and met with the people putting on the Activities Showcase in two weeks, to decide what words should be on the sign for the A/V Committee table.

The SFJazz Friday live stream, I saw, was to be Marcia Ball, not the same performance as I saw a few weeks ago but another one from the same series. So I put it out on the BB mailing list that I would put this on the big screen on 11, and at 7pm I went up there and did that. Got half a dozen other people came along to enjoy also.

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