3.256 teeth, legal stuff, meeting

Thursday 08/25/2022

First event was to go and get my teeth scraped. Because of having an artificial heart valve, I am supposed to take an oral antibiotic one hour before any dental procedure. They reminded me of this with two texts and two emails in preceding days; and I put it in the calendar, 7am take meds. So of course I’m walking up to the dentist office at 8:25 and realize, no I didn’t take the meds. I go in to apologize and reschedule, but the receptionist says wait, I’ll ask the doctor if we can dispense them now. She did and he ok’d it so I just took the pills there 20 minutes before. Nice, pro-active work by them.

Back to CH and shortly after, depart by car for the Mariah the Lawyer, where I sign a new Will and a modified Trust. So that is done, or, well, begun. Back home again I make a huge list of the paperwork I need to do now. Printing this and that, making copies of this and that, putting stuff in envelopes and stamping them. It takes most of the afternoon.

At 4pm there is the annual Resident/Trustee meeting to review CH finances. Quite a lengthy presentation by Jaisie with lots of graphs and tables. Bottom line, we’re taking in a bit less than we are spending but she is confident it will turn around and by 2027 we will be in the black.

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