3.240 ralph, tech, laundry

Tuesday 08/09/2022

First thing was a birding expedition of sorts, with next-door neighbor Carolyn. In the mornings there is a… crow? that sits somewhere above our apartments and makes a noise. It kind of says RALPH! very loudly, but spaced out at about 1-minute intervals. Or maybe not RALPH! exactly, the same noise that a baseball umpire makes to say “strike!”. I find it only mildly annoying, I’m up when it starts soon after sun-up. But apparently Carolyn wants to sleep with her patio door open. But we can’t agree on where exactly the noise is coming from, the big redwood alongside the building? or to me it sounds like it’s in the middle of the building, although that seems unlikely as it would have to be standing on somebody’s railing.

Anyway at 7:30 she came by and we went to listen from various points, in the fire stairs at the end, from the roof, from the lounge patio of the 8th and 7th floors. Unfortunately this morning the bird shut up early and we heard nothing.

At 11 it was time for the writers meeting. I had nothing to read, but enjoyed hearing the other people’s work.

After lunch I had a frustrating tech call: a resident, Randy, can’t get his email. Somehow for reasons unknown, his Mac can’t log in to his Yahoo account to get mail. I spent a frustrating hour trying to get Yahoo — which is now really AT&T, only his email is PacBell.net — one of them to let him reset his password. Finally I gave up. Bert will refer him to a professional outside tech person.

I spent some time getting my purchase of tickets for the next season at the Pear Theater right. Several of my neighbors had decided on the dates they were going so I was trying to get seats on the same dates.

And somewhere in their I did my laundry. Normally on Wednesday but tomorrow I have a docent tour in the morning.

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