3.239 stuff, fopal, talk

Monday 08/08/2022

A nice easy start to the day. No walk, just tidy up things I neglected over the past few days owing to VCF. Paid a bill, cleaned up the kitchen. At 11 I drove down to FOPAL where I turned over the cash box and credit card iPad to the Susan the treasurer. Then spent two hours processing books and finalizing my section for the sale weekend coming up.

Back home I had a couple of hours of which at least one was a deep nap. Then off again, this time to PAMF to for a routine visit with Dr. Dibiase, cardiologist. I look fine, but should start exercising again. I will, when the CH gym is reopened later this month.

After supper I stood by David M while he set up an event, a talk by a guy who was born in a minority sect in Afghanistan, and with his family found refuge in Canada, and has a long academic record in various universities, currently working at Stanford. He told about the various difficulties of Afghans under the Taliban, and about the complexities of Afghan society split among ethnicities and factions.

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