3.216 socializing

Wednesday 07/06/2022

Went for The Walk first thing, fine. Then it was a matter of killing a bit of time until 10:30 when I went to the lobby to await the arrival of my guest, Dan Nitzan. He’s a charming guy who knows a lot and has done a lot in the tech field. (He doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence. Here’s an old interview from 2012 about his fireworks job.)

In person it turns out he is one of those people who has something entertaining to say about any topic, and he kept my group of AV nerds entranced for an hour in the auditorium, talking about our system and what we could do with it, and for another hour having lunch. (Scott would know what I mean when I say he could out-talk our friend Denny Sargent.)

After lunch I triaged some of my plants. Got rid of a couple that were sickly or actually dead, and noted what pots I have available.

In the afternoon I drove down Middlefield to the gas station and fueled the Prius for tomorrow’s outing. Then into the nursery where I picked up a couple of new plants.

There was a memorial reception on 11 at 6pm, which needed a mic, but I had delegated that job to Kass. She called me at 6:30 saying they had 4 people going to sing and they’d like a mic. She and I agreed that our mics don’t work when set back from the speaker, they have to be right by your mouth. But the people who were going to sing insisted, so I went down and got a mic stand from the auditorium and took it up to 11. Set the mic in the middle and instructed the singers to stand close and lean in. Which they didn’t do, so there was very little amplification. From what I could hear, that wasn’t a great loss anyway (he grumped). But Kass thinks we should have a more appropriate mic for this situation. Not knowing what to get, I did the obvious and emailed the question to my new bud, Dan Nitzan. I’m sure he’ll have an answer.

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