3.215 pictures, meeting

Tuesday 07/05/2022

A day with not much scheduled. I spent some time printing some new photographs for my picture gallery outside my door. The pictures there hadn’t changed in a while. I also reloaded the ink tanks in my Epson EcoTank printer. This was the first time I had done this since I bought the printer near the end of 2019. It has printed maybe 100 big color prints, not a whole lot of text.

I attended the writers meeting as usual, and read my reminiscence about shooting off fireworks in my youth.

I checked with Dan Nitzan, who had tentatively scheduled to visit here tomorrow, and confirmed that, and also reserved a table for lunch. Nitzan is a local expert in AV, setting up systems at local theater groups and churches. He has had relatives at Channing House. Patty and Lennie met him at a Pear Theater fundraising event.

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