3.212 clear desk, play

Saturday 07/02/2022

First thing I went for a medium walk and came back through the farmers market. Later I glued the last bit on the t-bird and shot some pictures. My desk is clear again. After weeks of having half the L-shaped surface covered with tools and bottles of paint, it’s all cleared out.

I ordered some more display cases but they haven’t come yet. Here’s a couple of shots of the car.

The proportions don’t look quite right from the side. I think it is a little too low in the back. I tried to correct that but then the rear bumper didn’t fit right. The hood opens to show the engine, I didn’t take a picture of that.

At 1:30 I met with Patty and Lois and we drove to the Pear theater (which is practically next door to the Computer History Museum where I will be tomorrow) to see a play, The Piano Teacher. This is mostly a monologue by an elderly woman, a retired piano teacher, reminiscing, and then trying to get in touch with former students, and then gradually finding out that they don’t remember the past they way she does. Who’s right? Who’s in denial, or fabricating? It was too slow for my taste, almost 100 minutes no intermission, and it was nearly an hour in before anything actually happened. I was mentally disagreeing with the plot most of the way through. Oh well it kept me awake.

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