3.211 getting it done

Friday 07/01/2022

Determined to get some stuff out of the way and go into the weekend clean. First up: polish my shoes, for the first time in probably a year. Well, it needed doing. Next, down to the Auditorium to try out some things regarding doing zoom meetings. They didn’t work but I learned a couple of things. Then, off to FOPAL. The sale weekend is coming up and my section is a mess. Was a mess. Now it’s all tidy.

Back to CH and resumed work on my writeup on how to zoom. It’s 12 pages long, which may seem like a lot but the whole process is ridiculously complicated. That done I distributed it by email to my A/V people, and shortly after it was time for that committee to meet and portion out the events for next month. I got two, which is tolerable.

I was invited to dinner with the Allens. I really need to invite people to dinner. I am accepting invites but never issuing any.

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