3.207 writing

Monday 06/27/2022

Took the standard walk in the morning, all good.

Now what? Don’t want to go to FOPAL as I was only there on Saturday and no books will have piled up in a day. If they even do sorting on Sundays. Oh, I know. For some days I have been thinking about writing up clear directions on how to do zoom events from the Auditorium. Three others, David M, David G, and John M, have each worked out their own system for what is an extraordinarily complicated mess of equipment. I need to get more people trained on this, and before I can teach it I need to get what I know, organized. For me, that means, writing it.

So I spent the day, at least 5 hours of it, sitting in my chair doing tech writing, just like in the good old days at Informix or Silicon Graphics. At one point I went down to the Auditorium and worked through a couple of things that I hadn’t understood.

Tomorrow I am going to go down there and set up the whole scenario that I am documenting. I’ll print out what I have, then write notes on the paper copy and be able to do a final version, for the A/V meeting I’m having on Friday. This was very satisfying work.

At one point Patty called and asked to consult with me and Jerry about the H.C. grant request. That is reaching another stage of discussion and she wanted a couple of questions answered. I have no idea what will be happening but I guess we answered her questions.

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