3.206 walk, relax, concert

Sunday 06/26/2022

Did pretty much nothing today. After I’d read the paper, watered the plants, and done the big crossword, I thought, ok, what now. I decided to walk to California avenue — I know, boring, it’s what I’ve done several other times. But I did, and had myself a pastry and a juice, and then, where the last couple of times I took a Lyft back home, this time I consulted with my body and thought heck, I feel fine, and walked home again. Just over 4 miles for the day.

In the afternoon I did some work on the t-bird. One of several things was to make license plates. The kit includes decals for license plates but they aren’t California plates. So I found photos of 1956 Cal plates online. In a photo editor I cloned out its existing letters. I found a font that was pretty close to the letter shapes on Cal plates and typed in “BRD 056”. Then I printed it out at teeny tiny size, and cut them out and glued them to the license plates.

I had a ticket for a jazz concert at 7pm, over on the Stanford campus. At 5pm I drove over there, and found a supper at the student commons. The concert was part of the Stanford Jazz Festival, now in its 50th year, and was a big band of mostly students, or anyway high school and college age musicians. They played a some Miles Davis and Charles Mingus numbers, in other words, not the kind of jazz I like. But they played very skillfully.

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