3.174 more tidying

Wednesday 04/25/2022

Went for a walk but cut the distance quite short. I am definitely feeling tired faster, although not short of breath. There should be a clear change by this time next week.

Did a number of small things that needed doing, putting my apartment in order and taking care of old paperwork. Then I mixed a bottle of raspberry-pink paint, using pink, black, red and gold to get a pretty fair match to the dusky rose spray can.

Solved a tech puzzle: neighbor Stew installed a lovely new 65″ Samsung TV in his 4th floor lounge, but then couldn’t put it on our in-house network because that needs its MAC address and neither he nor anybody else could find it in the TV’s menu structure. I had tried a few days ago and failed. Leon had tried. Stew had called Samsung and spent half an hour on the phone with their support, and still couldn’t find the MAC address. If you google it, you get clear directions that don’t produce it. Well I found it. Turns out the “About this TV” menu option opens a page that is longer than the screen, and unlike any other page in any menu, it needs to be scrolled to see it all. And if you scroll down, there’s the MAC address along with all the other details.

Set an alarm for 4:20. Neighbor Dr. Margaret is going to drive me down to the hospital. Next post will be from my hospital bed.

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