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Tuesday 04/24/2022

Went for a short walk. Then I did some cleanup and prep for Thursday. I made a copy of my medical PofA and my Advanced Directive and put them in the bag I’ll take to the hospital. I thought carefully about what devices I would take and settled on only the phone. I’ve installed the WordPress app so I could if I wanted, post to this blog from the phone. And the phone has Kindle and the books I’m reading, and email and games. I have a battery pack I can charge the phone from, and tossed that in. That’s about it, for a 24-hour stay.

Then I cleaned off my coffee table, where I had been dropping things to “do something with” for a while. Some of those things were the Heritage Circle grant requests for the auditorium, and I realized that today is the actual deadline for turning them in. So I did that. Got other stuff off it and filed away or tossed.

I still had 45 minutes until the writer’s meeting so I quickly turned the account of when we had to drive from Feltham to Sudbury to use a computer, into a short essay and submitted it. So I had something to read at the meeting.

I ordered lunch to take out today, and for supper made a sandwich. Today’s Covid email said we have one more resident and one more staff infected. I am laying very low until Thursday.

As noted a while back, I used up all of the can of dusky rose color on the T-bird body. Later I realized that the dash and some of the upholstery should be body color. What to do? I didn’t want to order another spray can, and anyway I’d rather brush those parts than do the intricate masking to spray them. (Also, upholstery wouldn’t be pearlescent like the body.) So I need a matching dark-pink shade. None of the makers of model and hobby paints had the right color but two had pinks that were kinda close so I ordered a bottle of each, and they came today. So I spent some time trying to mix small quantities of pink to match the body color. Pink, plus a little red, plus a wee bit of black, plus a good dab of gold, does it. The gold because the spray was a “pearl” and the microscopic pearl flakes give it a yellowish cast.

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