3.166 meeting, tech

Tuesday 04/17/2022

TAVR addendum: I forgot to mention in my TAVReport yesterday, that another possible complication is arrhythmia: some of the electrical timing nodes of the heart are in the area where the top of the TAVR metal basketwork expands. Some people — they didn’t mention what percent, but their total (claimed) complication rate for all problems is under 1% — end up needing a pacemaker.

Anyway, today first thing I went out in the car to stock up on coffee, because I realized I didn’t have enough left to get through to next Monday, the day I usually hit Peet’s, it being next door to FOPAL. Then it was time for the writers group. The cue this week was “someone who influenced you”. I didn’t write. At first I couldn’t think of anyone that I considered an influence, except for my half-sister Joyce. Then later I realized that the most profound influence on my life had been Marian. I could not imagine writing about either one in a short essay, or indeed at all.

At 2pm I went to the Auditorium to set up for the CH Choir’s tech rehearsal. They give two concerts tomorrow, at 11am and 7pm. I can’t attend the first, but fortunately Ian can. So he and I fiddled with the mics during this rehearsal, and he will be on his own tomorrow morning.

Simultaneously I had promised to set up a zoom meeting for Jan, who organizes the Hearing Support Group. So I’m trying to talk him through joining the meeting I’ve started, while all around me the Choir is assembling and doing voice exercises. Well, it all got done.

One thought on “3.166 meeting, tech

  1. Wow—-your upcoming procedure sounds very complicated and detailed and to me- scary!
    However. You have a keen mild manner of calmness and method to make it sound very routine and not much worse then a trip to the dentist!
    I suppose this is the best way to approach this….no sense to worry and fuss like I would do..doesn’t help-(?)
    I will pace and worry for you-..please keep us posted- love from here- laurel


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