3.120 tech, SWBB

Friday 04/01/2022

Started the day with a benchmark walk; it felt ok. The first big event of the day was being the AV tech for the Colby memorial (see Wednesday). In the end the event came off pretty well, no big visible screw-ups. But the hour leading up to it was pretty hectic, as we went through three MacBooks before getting one that worked. I won’t go over the details, but it was intense, coming down to brief minutes before showtime. Again, I’ve reviewed the recording of the zoom session and it looks smooth, audible sound, slides shown properly, etc.

After that I went to the 11th floor and set up the big TV to show the women’s basketball. During the first game, South Carolina v. Louisville, I spent most of the time writing an account of the mistakes we made on the Colby event and the lessons learned.

In the second game, Stanford had a terrible day of shooting, some usually reliable players couldn’t hit the side of a barn let alone a basket, and they lost to UConn by a few points. So the season is over for another year.

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